DATE Fall 2014 YEAR 4th year core studio project | ARCH 471 PROGRAM High-Rise | Residential, Commercial SKILLS Hand-craft model | Laser Cutter Revit AutoCAD Sketchup | MaxWell Render Adobe InDesign | Illustrator | Photoshop
200 Folsom Street San Fransisco, CA The capstone project of the fourth year studio is the design of a high-rise building in San Francisco, California. Students in groups of two go through the challenges of making a site model, several structural models, and the final design of the building. My partner (Thomas Rhone) and I set our main design objective as making connections through our building design with the site and historical roots of San Francisco. Also, following the LEED guidelines was another important focus of ours. Bringing the outside in and the inside out, we wanted to make a tangible connection between the beautiful bay area environment and the man-made building. As a joint project, each person made certain contributions to the project. I, as the project leader had the following responsibilities: - Producing the hand-sketches for the initial design - Making design decisions throughout the process - Making the Site model for the project - Laser-Cutting pieces for the models that were built throughout the semester - Designing the layout of the 250 page project book, providing all of the content for the book, printing and publishing the book - Designing all of the scenes for the final renderings - Rendering all of the scenes and making the final presentation boards single handedly

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