DATE Spring 2013 YEAR 2nd year core studio project | ARCH 272 PROGRAM Performance Centre SKILLS Hand-craft model + Charcoal drawings on Paper
Fargo Rehearsal Centre Fargo, ND In ARCH 272 student developed their design by writing a narrative and presenting it through the making of an artefact. The artefact as a vessel, is an effort to awaken the embodied stories and metaphors hidden in the work of art . This way, the work of art becomes architecture, as it point towards creating meaningful and sensible spaces. Fargo's Rehearsal Center was a call for an active participation of the residents of Fargo-Moorhead community, in order to elevate their social bond. Such program incorporates the overlapping identities of near and far cultures. Therefore, a perceivable depth of harmonic proportion through rehearsal center was introduced. The artefact and architecture were both rooted in the auditory and performance qualities of the Bach's Little Fugue in B minor. The interpretation of the musical piece to the artefact, carries the poetic interplay between poetry, music, speech, and architecture.

AlenjeryArchitecture@ 2016