DATE Spring 2013 YEAR 2nd year core studio project | ARCH 272 PROGRAM Residential | Art Studio SKILLS Hand-craft model + Charcoal drawings on canvas
House For Twins Fargo, ND In ARCH 272 student developed their design by writing a narrative and presenting it through the making of an artefact. The artefact as a vessel, is an effort to awaken the embodied stories and metaphors hidden in the work of art . This way, the work of art becomes architecture, as it point towards creating meaningful and sensible spaces. "The House for Twins" was developed based on the premise of a schizophrenic man attempting to re-unite with the fleeing memories of his loving relationship with his wife that is troubled by his condition. His memories and image of this lost love became his twin that tries to remind him of the person he is living with in this house. The architectural result, is a translation of the embodied moments presented by the artefact. The flow of spaces upon one another constantly calls back the moment of love resulted by the dance that once captured the man's heart performed by his wife many years a go. Architecture in this sense becomes the the dance itself. A theatrical space within which this man dwells.

AlenjeryArchitecture@ 2016