DATE Spring 2014 YEAR 3rd year core studio project | ARCH 372 PROGRAM Commercial | Offices SKILLS Hande-Crafted Section Model Revit AutoCAD Sketch-up Photoshop CS6 I-Render
Mid-Steel America Fargo, ND Mid-America Steel with its rich history is one of the iconic companies in Fargo, ND. The company decided to relocate and donate their 7 acre property to the City of Fargo under the condition that it would be used partially as their new corporate offices. The new building is to be a catalytic organization with close ties to both regional industry and the larger community. My design was influenced by both the principals of critical regionalism and the history of the site. The building takes its cues from the site’s larger context and its surroundings. The train track as the resemblance of one of the few movements in Fargo, and the still environment of the city, were also other point of inspiration that affected the design decisions. This building is wrapped with pre-cast concrete panels, and the locally manufactured steel as its skeleton in iconic Mid America Steel burnt orange color. Some of the other features of the design are: -Utilizing natural light -Use of photo-voltaic panels -Use of recycled construction materials -Use of water-catchment systems and cisterns -Use of Kalwalls

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