Alethea: The Unforgetting of Language : New York's Rare Books Library of Lost & Fading Languages Brooklyn, NY Every man, like a walking monument is a piece to our far origins, endowed with memories, cultural roots, and stories to tell. This in-between space of man, unfolds itself through sharing, and communication. In other words man transcends himself towards a new behavior, his thoughts and others through language. However, as economic and cultural globalization and development continue to push forward, growing numbers of languages will become endangered and eventually, extinct. It tells us that the world's language system has reached a crisis and is dramatically restructuring. Cultural artefacts are still alive in many cultures; indicating the layering of stories, fragments and traces which will help to better understand the transformation and history of their origin, like a work of Palimpsest. But even those are being destroyed by the hands of the forgetful man in search of power. READ MORE
DATE Fall -Spring 2015 - 16 YEAR 5th year thesis project | ARCH 772 PROGRAM Institutional| Rare Books Library - Museum SKILLS Hand-craft model | Laser Cutter | 3D Printer Revit | AutoCAD | Sketchup | Maxwell Render 3DS Max Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign

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